Hollie - Salem Dental Office Supervisor/Treatment Coordinator


Office Supervisor/Treatment Coordinator

Hollie was born in Hawaii , and now has lived in the PNW for the last 20 years, she loves living in the area . She is married and has three kids , one boy ( 11 ) . two girls (12) ( 7) and now expecting her 4th . She has two brothers that are in Arizona , with three nieces and one nephew and two great nephews .She loves being outside and doing anything that involves her family, from camping to board games to just watching movies . Doing what I do is so rewarding and wonderful , I would not change a thing about it . I love being able to help people with their smile and self confidence. 

Finish the Sentence with Hollie: 

If I was stuck on an island and could only listen to 3 artists, I would listen to ……. Elvis, Cher, and Adele

The movie I would remake and star in would be ……….Twilight, but let’s do a team Jacob ending  

If I could have dinner with one person dead or alive it would be ……….. Elvis Presely , he is my all time favorite artist and so good looking it would be the best time .