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Salem, OR Best Dentist - Dr. Abigail Rapchick

Meet Dr. Rapchick

Dr. Abigail Rapchick is an awesome dentist in Salem, OR, she grew up on a farm in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Her childhood was spent outdoors, participating in 4-H and Pony Club, and working in her mother’s extensive flower and vegetable gardens.

She attended the University at Buffalo where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science, before continuing on to obtain her Doctor of Dental Surgery at UB as well. After graduating she moved to Albuquerque, NM to complete a residency in Advanced Education in General Dentistry, where she received additional training in all aspects of dentistry. 

Welcome to Our Salem, OR Dental Practice

We are so glad that you found the best dentist in Salem, OR, and the dental practice of Drs. Abigail Rapchick and Seth Huish and their team are located in Salem, OR. Our family-friendly dental office welcomes children, teens, adults, and seniors alike and we work together to help every member of your family to keep their smile beautiful and healthy.

We love taking care of our patients and invite you to contact us at (503) 378-1212 to choose a convenient time for your next dental exam.

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Meet Your Dentist in Salem, OR

Dr. Seth Huish knew from a young age that he wanted to be a dentist after having an exceptional dental experience himself as a child. He’s used his passion for helping other people to build a patient-centered dental practice in Salem, OR that focuses on building relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

He received his undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University-Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Then he completed his additional dental training at the Oregon Health & Science University and continued his dental education with post-graduate studies in implantology.

As a father of four daughters, Dr. Huish is exceptionally skilled at helping young children feel comfortable, safe, and welcome at our dental practice. He looks forward to the opportunity to get to know your family and serve each member for many years to come.

Technology Meets Neighborhood Dentistry

Salem Dental keeps a keen eye out for developments that can improve the dentistry we provide and that make your visits more comfortable. Our digitally based office in Salem, OR keeps your information secure and your records accessible for quick comparisons over time. Comforts like nitrous oxide sedation can soothe our anxious patients who would rather explore Oregon’s hills and valleys than spend time in the dental chair.

We Treat Patients Like Family

Dentist in Salem, OR has a family feel; we want you to feel right at home when you visit our dental office. You will notice a comfortable welcome area and receive a cheerful greeting from our team, who are all passionate about caring for our patients.

Since our practice has been around for over 40 years, Salem Dental has become a trusted source of the finest dentistry in Salem, OR. The hardworking nearby communities of Salem can’t let dental conditions slow them down, so we offer prompt, reliable solutions to broken teeth, toothaches, and any dental emergencies that arise.

Our reputation depends on consistent excellence in dentistry and a personal touch, both of which you will find at Salem Dental.

Convenience Is Important

We work with most insurance companies and file claims on your behalf so that you can avoid the red tape involved in paperwork. We ask for your co-pay at the time of service and have payment plans to meet your budget. We look after your well-being, not just your teeth, and will help you find financial solutions to keep you healthy.

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Salem Dental Services

Teeth Extractions

You might think you need a tooth extraction. The best way to find out your options is to contact our Salem dental office for a dental appointment.


Porcelain dental veneers can repair a single out-of-place tooth, or give you the perfect smile you have always wanted. It’s all up to you.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Restore your smile with long-lasting dental crowns for damaged teeth and durable dental bridges for missing teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you want to improve the color, shape, or uniformity of your teeth, your Dentist in Salem, OR provides a full range of cosmetic dentistry options.

Dental Implants

For a reliable, long-term solution to missing teeth, dental implants are almost like having your tooth again!

Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you need a filling or want to learn about replacing your old metal amalgams, contact Salem Dental.


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“Love this office! My son needed a tooth repair and we were offered a same-day appointment. The entire staff was extremely friendly the whole visit, especially Shelly and Alyssa. We have been looking for a regular dentist in Salem, OR, and will definitely continue to come here!”


“If the Jedi from Star Wars ever had a dental office, this would be their temple. The staff and Office Manager are extremely nice. Also, the music they play in the office is great! Dr. Huish is an incredible Dentist in Salem, OR, and a quality-oriented, personable, and takes his time to make sure everything is just right. Pretty sure Dr. Huish is a Jedi Master of dentistry, and that’s all anyone really needs to know.”


“Great staff, all the way to the welcoming receptionist, hygienist, office manager, and dentist! I’ve never felt so comfortable with my teeth cleaning. Beautiful office too. Thank you.”



Preventive and General Dentistry

How do you help anxious patients?


If you have dental anxiety, our Dentist in Salem, OR can help. Often, dental fear stems from an early childhood experience that was frightening or painful. You will be happy to know that dentistry has come a long way since then, and patient comfort is now a priority in family dental practices.


An Experienced, Caring Team

We hope to show you the new face of dentistry. Not only is our team helpful, kind, and compassionate, but their experience also helps you feel confident about your care. We use the latest technology to show you your teeth and explain treatment options so that you feel fully informed and know what to expect.

We will make sure you are properly anesthetized for every procedure and will never get started before you are completely comfortable. We can take breaks throughout your appointment if you need to stretch, ask questions, or want a drink of water.


Sedation Dentistry for Nervous Patients

For patients who want a little additional help relaxing, we offer nitrous oxide sedation. Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, provides a mild form of sedation. We administer the sedative through a small nose mask and can control the levels of sedation throughout your visit. Once we stop the flow of gas, the sedative quickly leaves the body, and you will be able to drive yourself home from your dental appointment.

IV Sedation

IV sedation, also known as intravenous sedation, is a form of conscious sedation that can be administered by a qualified dental professional to help patients relax and manage anxiety during dental procedures. During IV sedation, medication is delivered directly into the patient’s bloodstream through an IV line, resulting in a deep state of relaxation and calm. While the patient remains conscious and able to respond to commands, they may feel drowsy and have little to no memory of the procedure afterward. IV sedation is often recommended for patients with dental phobia or those undergoing lengthy or complex dental procedures. It is a safe and effective option for many patients and can help make their dental experience more comfortable and stress-free.

How often do i need a dental cleaning?


Each patient is an individual, so we tailor your dental recommendations based on your oral health needs, your medical health, and your goals for your smile. For most children and healthy adults, two visits twice per year that include a dental cleaning, exam, and yearly x-rays are usually enough to keep teeth and gums healthy

If you have a history of periodontal disease, 3-4 visits per year could be helpful. Once periodontal disease occurs, patients are more likely to develop an infection again. Certain medications, conditions like dry mouth, and even hormonal fluctuations such as those during pregnancy can require more diligent home and professional dental attention.


Dental Exams with Veneers, implants, and crowns

If you have a lot of dentistry, veneers, dental implants, or a number of dental crowns, you might opt for extra dental cleaning and exam each year in our Salem dental office as an additional insurance on your investment.

Patients who have complete dentures still need to have a dental appointment at least once per year to monitor changes in bone and for a potentially life-saving oral cancer screening.

We are happy to discuss your needs with you at your initial dental exam and work out a plan to keep you healthy and looking your best.

Why do I need a dental x-rays?


Our Dentists in Salem, OR Dr. Abigail Rapchick, and Dr. Seth Huish can often identify oral conditions upon an oral examination. Decay, fractures, and wear are commonly visible to the naked eye or with high-powered loupes (magnifying glasses), but some diseases lurk below the surface of the enamel or are hidden by the gums or bone.

It is because these diseases can hide that we need assistance seeing what is happening inside the teeth and bones. Dental x-rays reveal oral health issues in their earliest stages when they are easier and more affordable to treat. 

Since decay and infection do not cause significant pain until they are well advanced, we recommend routine dental x-rays to keep your teeth and gums healthy.


Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Since our x-rays are a digital system, you can rest assured that they are safe. The x-ray system we use emits up to 80 percent less radiation than previous film x-rays, and because they do not require developing, they eliminate many dangerous chemicals from our practice and ultimately our environment.

When you weigh the risks of x-rays alongside the benefits, it is easy to see that they are a necessary part of your preventive dental routine. If you want to talk about x-rays and their necessity, call or stop by our Salem, OR dental office.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Expensive?


Just a decade ago, cosmetic dentistry was something reserved for the wealthy and famous. Fortunately, modern dentistry techniques and philosophies have advanced to recognize that every person who wishes to have a beautiful smile can benefit from cosmetic dentistry. After all, we live in a competitive world, and having the added confidence of a dazzling smile can benefit you in social and professional situations.


Cosmetic Dentistry Options

At Salem Dental, we offer the full range of smile-enhancing procedures made for every budget and lifestyle. Teeth whitening, bonding, and gum reshaping can occur in a single dental appointment and for an affordable fee that fits into any budget.

Other restorative procedures used to improve the color, shape, strength, length, or alignment of teeth can take a bit longer, but with our financing options are available to just about any patient motivated to improve their smiles.

Finding the best cosmetic dentistry options for you

If you are not happy with your teeth in photos or when you look in the mirror, let our Dentist in Salem, OR, Dr. Brinton or Dr. Seth go over some of our most popular options. Veneers and Clear Correct Clear Aligners clear braces are modern options that have your convenience and your ideal smile in mind.

The best place to start is with a cosmetic dentistry consultation. Give our Salem, OR dental office a call to book your visit. These are exciting times and we can’t wait to see your satisfaction with your brand-new look.

Are You Ready for a Healthy Smile?

Let’s work together to get you the dental care you need to stay healthy!

Contact Salem Dental today to book your next dental appointment and come by to see how different dentistry can be when you partner with an experienced and gentle dental team.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Salem, OR dental practice.

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